KGS represents various manufacturers from around the world to provide a complete portfolio of consumables for the entire gravure cylinder manufacturing process. These products include Diamond Styli and Cutting Tools, Grinding Stones, Chemicals for the Galvanic Process, Polishing Films, Candle filters, and more.

Based in Belgium, Technodiamand makes a complete range of diamond tools to assist in the gravure cylinder making process.

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Being a global leader in complete galvanic solutions for the gravure cylinder making industry, KW also manufacturers a complete range of chemicals for this process.

Pioneer is the largest and best producer of grinding and polishing stones for gravure cylinder making in China.

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Mipox is a Japanese leader in manufacturing polishing films and rolls used in finishing of gravure cylinders.

Fujifilm makes the worlds most advanced printing plates for the commercial offset and flexographic industries.

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Rotovit made by Chemartin is an industry standard for degreasing of gravure cylinders.

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