Offset Consumables:

KGS offers a complete range of consumables for the offset market.


  • PS & CTCP plates
  • Thermal & Violet CTP plates
  • Processless CTP plates

Printing Blankets:

  • For Commercial Printing both Sheetfed and Web Type
  • Special applications like Metal Decorating, Plastic Pot Printing
  • Packaging Printing for Normal, U.V. inks and Combo type
  • Newspaper Printing both For Heatset and Coldset Presses
  • Continuous Form Stationary Printing

Graphic Art Film:

  • High Contrast / High Density, Hard Dot Film
  • HN / Red Laser Compatible Film (Normal)
  • HN / Red Laser Compatible Film (High Density)
  • Rapid Access Line Film
  • PCB Film

Pressroom Chemicals:

  • Highly efficient, Eco-Friendly and Wide Spectrum
  • Founts
  • Washes
  • Cleaners
  • Gum
  • Varnishes